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Laser multifunctional printers

FAQ for common problems : imageCLASS MF series MF5630, MF5650, MF3110 and MF3112


If your machine encounters any of the following problems:

  • Fail to start reading a document
  • Fail to pick up a document set in the ADF when reading a document.
  • Stop operation in the middle of a page when printing multiple pages.

You need a firmware upgrade.

Alternatively, follow the following steps if you need a temporary solution:

  • Unplug the AC power cable.
  • After approximately 5 seconds, plug in the AC power again and switch on the machine.
  • If any of the problems occur again, repeat this process.

Caution: If the machine is switched off for more than 3 minutes, any unsaved data will be lost. Please note that this is only a temporary solution; hence please upgrade your firmware.