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18 November 2014

To Users of Canon Speedlite 600EX / 600EX-RT
"Caution When Using Color Filter Holder SCH-E1"
(Workaround When Low Battery Icon Appears and Speedlite Does Not Start"

Thank you for using Canon products.

Affected Product

Speedlite 600EX / 600EX-RT


When the flash is powered on with the bundled Color Filter Holder SCH-E1 already attached, there are instances where the low battery icon appears and the flash does not power on, even if the batteries have sufficient power.


When the phenomenon described above occurs, follow the procedure below:
1. Detach the Color Filter Holder SCH-E1
2. Power on the flash
3. Re-attach the Color Filter Holder SCH-E1
If the phenomenon still occurs after the above workaround has been performed, please contact your nearest Canon service center.

Contact Information for Inquiries

Please contact your nearest service centre if you have any queries.