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About abnormal “snapping” sound in Canon DC22 camcorder


Dear user of Canon DC22 camcorder

The problem

It has been discovered that some units from a specific batch of DC22 camcorder produces a “snapping” sound when it is switched from “Shooting” to “Still” mode, or when it is being switched on while in the “Still” mode. This phenomenon is caused by an electrical discharge from the flash firing capacitor. However, this will not lead to any ignition or heat generation.

In some cases, the DC22 cannot be switched off. If so, please remove the battery/cable to switch it off.

How to identify if your product is affected

As the phenomenon is found only in some DC22 of the same batch, the likelihood is that your DC22 is not affected. However to be sure, do check your serial number that can be found on the body of the camcorder when you remove your battery. Please look for the 7th digit from the left. If it is a “0”, your DC22 comes from the affected batch. If not, then your DC22 is not affected.

However, as many of the units from the affected batch have been checked and corrected at the factory, you will need to check for a black dot if your 7th digit is a “0”. The black dot is found inside the AV terminal/card cover. Please see images below. If you find a black dot, it means your DC22 has been checked and will not encounter the “snapping” sound.

Canon’s countermeasure

If your DC22 is from the affected batch and without the black dot, please bring the camcorder to your nearest Canon Service Center for a free check, and we will repair it if necessary at no cost.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Thank you.